Don’t Know What To Major In?


This project is a research-based project where my main objective was to reach

out to high school seniors and college freshmen. I based it on myself when I was  

a high school senior and didn’t know what

I wanted to major in college. I added tips and resources that anyone in this position can fall back on if they ever feel they are in this situation. In the future, I hope to use this brochure to help young people decided on what they want to major in when they

reach college.

Most of my research for this project came from me asking college and high school counselors how they address this problem with highschool seniors and incoming freshmen. I learned that this issue could be tackled differently, one of the counselors compared choosing a major to being on a date. It was like looking for the right one, in this case, finding the right major.


My biggest inspiration for this project was. myself. I thought back at myself when 

I needed help choosing a major. That is also how I got the inspiration for the logo, the logo was based on all the many possibilities that people are thrown at when looking for

a major. That is why the logo has a bunch of words on top of each other to symbolize the overwhelming feeling that someone may feel when they are choosing a major for the first time. Another inspiration came from my brother who at the time of this project was going through choosing a major himself.

A lot of my process was trying to put all the information that I had collected from my research into a brochure that would work.

I thought of making my brochure more interactive by having it turn into a poster when opened up all the way. This way it could be hung around school hallways. My process was an addiction to my research

by enhancing how young people perceive

this information. 


I also added a QR code that people can scan that will take them to a website that has the information in a digital format. The folding of this brochure came down to sequence and how personal I wanted it to be when the reader opened it.