Jurassic Park Book Cover 

Chip Kidd


Influences & Artist Statement 

I like to think of design as visual storytelling like a book tells a story. I have always been amazed by all forms of storytelling since I was a little kid and my parents would tell me stories of urban legends from Mexico. This has always fascinated me, but for a long time, I thought myself to be a bad reader. It was not until I was in high school that I started reading books and understood the infinite worlds that storytelling can take you to. This is what I want to accomplish within my design.


I want it to tell stories and more importantly to enhance the story beyond what the words tell. So what makes a story a good story? That depends on who is reading it. It is all up to the reader, or in the case of design materials, to the viewer. Our experiences shape how we view the world and so the viewers see everything through their past experiences. Many of my design inspirations come from books, films, music and personal experiences. I believe that if my design can be relatable, it can have an impact on who is viewing it and they will relate to the stories I tell through my design.

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