Oven Lovin’ Bakery 

Visual Identity 

This project is a visual brand identity done for a fictitious bakery. This bakery is centered on the idea of feeling at home. I used the metaphor, “Warmth from Home” to symbolized the warmth that a bakery might use to sell its products. This became my inspiration for the typeface that I used, and how I designed the brand Identity. Using metaphor is a great way to enhance a story behind a brand.

My research consisted of me looking at different bakery branding that already exists. One of the bakery brandings that I looked at was Hostess and I took note of how they did their packaging and how their logo was designed. Researching this helped me understand how important a brand identity

is and how a metaphor like “The Warmth

from Home” can enhance a brand’s story           and message.

My main inspiration for the Oven Lovin’ branding came from the feeling I feel whenever I am home. This inspiration would inspire how I treated the typeface and the slogan. I choose a typeface that was handwritten to give a more personal look.

The name of the typeface I used is called Grandma, it had a heartwarming feeling.

This was a strong enforcer to the Oven Lovin’ brand and the message I wanted  to convey. 

During my process, I looked at different color schemes that I could use for the bakery brand colors. My first initial thought was to use warm colors to enhance the warm feeling. Then I thought of adding some cool colors to compliment the warm colors I already had.

I also thought about how I wanted to rearrange graphics on the business cards.

In the end, I came up with four different versions that would work well. I decided to

go with warm colors, but have cool colors as   secondary colors.

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