Dela Paz Kombucha

Brand Identity   

This project is a brand identity for a fictitious kombucha company. The name was inspired by the Spanish translation of the word “Peace”. This includes the graphics that

I used to help enhance the story behind the “Feeling At Peace”. That was the goal of the Dela Paz Kombucha brand. The copy for this project was also written by me and

I also created some advertisements to promote Dela Paz Kombucha in

different applications. 

During my research, I looked at real-life examples of kombucha brands that already exist. I decided to go to the grocery store and see how existing kombucha brands did their advertisements for their drinks. I found that many kombucha brands promoted the benefits of drinking kombucha rather than any other drink.

My inspiration came from the whole thought that I wanted Dela Paz Kombucha to be based on peace. When selecting stock silhouettes for my advertisements, I choose some that had the setting in a peaceful environment. Originally I wanted to name Dela Paz peace, but I was inspired by my Mexican heritage to name it

Dela Paz instead.

Throughout my process, I played around with different colors for my labels. At first,

I thought I wanted a green color but then

I found out that an ivory color complemented my flavor accent colors.

I also played around with the layout of the labels and advertisements.


In the end, I decided that having three different applications for my advertisements would work best because of the demographic of people who would see them. I also added more depth to my illustrations and fixed the position of the

fruit in the back part of the label.