Social Network Kinetic Type 

Motion Effects  

This project is a digital project that I animated in Adobe After Effects. It is based on one of my favorite movies that I find inspirational to my work and just in general. It is in a kinetic type style of the beginning scene of The Social Network where Mark and Erica are arguing.


During my research, I went on Youtube and searched for kinetic type videos that have been done before. I found that many were fan-made but some professional uses have been in Advertisements and storytelling. An example of this is the Ad for Ford during their F150 truck campaign in 2009.


My inspiration came from the Social Network film itself. After watching the social network numerous times, I knew that the beginning scene of the movie was the scene I wanted to capture. Since two people talked at the same time, I wanted my kinetic type to capture the dialogue going back and forth. I tried illustrating this by using two different typefaces.

During my process, I watched the beginning of the Social Network many times to decide which frames I wanted to use. I was mainly looking for frames that had the most expression to them. This way it would add more to what the words were saying. I also played around with the type and tried emphasizing certain words by adding effects or changing the typeface.

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