Summer Session Poster  

Poster Design 

This project was designed for the University of the Pacific’s summer sessions available during the summer. My original concept came from the idea of a road trip, that is how I based my poster’s illustrations and text. In a sense the journey that students take during college is

a road trip that they need to take to get to

their destination.

My research for this project involved me thinking of a color pallet and image that

could represent summer. I also looked into the typeface that I wanted to use like how it has previously been used and how I could tie it to my overall concept. Another big part of my research was looking at previously done posters that the university has used for summer sessions in the previous years. In

a sense, I was focusing on what jumped out

at me as summer and fun.


I grew inspiration for my poster from the classic road trip concept that is often associated with summer. That is how I came up with my initial tagline, “Next Stop”. I also looked at postcards for inspiration, one specifically was a Monterey postcard that had a Volkswagen bus riding along the coast.

I thought well maybe, I could use the idea

of our educational career being a road trip.

During my process, I first did some sketches of how I wanted the layout of the poster to

be. Then I refined those sketches and came up with my illustration of the Volkswagen bus.

At first, I had a solid orange van without any further illustrations. I then decided that I wanted to add stripes to the van to symbolize our university mascot, a tiger. I then added school materials to the top to help adi and I ended up with my final illustration.

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