Tales From Afar

Publication Design & Illustration  

This project was a collection of shorts stories based on literature or personal written works put together into one book. The short stories were selected by people in my class, but I illustrated, designed, and assembled the book. The length of this book is over 200 pages, as is one of the biggest InDesign projects I have worked on.

A lot of my research consisted of me looking at published short storybooks. They mainly fell under the fairy tale genre. One example 

of a book I looked at is Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I’ve always had the impression that it did a good job of putting stories together. That is what I wanted for my book, I wanted the stories to feel connected even though they were very different from each other. 


One of my inspirations for this book’s illustrations was an ebook cover for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This cover interpreted fairy tales as soon as I saw it.

I based my cover on a similar concept because of this. I also choose the color pallet based on the feeling I wanted my book to convey. I wanted it to have a calm but suspenseful feeling since it was a collection of different short stories.


During my process, I developed a grid that worked well with my pages. This kept my pages consistent throughout my book. The use of master pages helped a lot too, it gave a unified look to my book. I also worked on my illustrations by hand and then brought them over to Illustrator and worked on them some more using the brushes and pen tool available in Illustrator.