Ready Player 1 Book Cover 

Book Design 

This project was a redesign of one of my favorite books of all time, Ready Player One.

I based this book cover on Pac-Man, mainly because this book references a lot of pop culture and 80s theme media. This project also includes a chapter illustration that refrences Pac-Man as well. 

For my research, I reread some of the main chapters from Ready Player One. I also watched the movie and looked at key moments throughout the film. I also looked

at video games from the 80s, then decided to base it on Pac-Man. I also looked at previous Ready Player One book covers and illustrations that have been made before. 


My main inspiration for my book cover came from the fact that Pac-Man plays a big part in the Ready Player One book. I wanted to symbolize this within the cover by adding it to foreshadow a big part of the book.

During my process, I focused on I was going to tie everything together. I also focused on the ways I used color for the book cover and the inside illustration. I explored different layouts and finally decided to go with a different approach to how chapterillustrations are laid out through the chapter spreads.

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