Futura Type Specimen  

Booklet Design   

This project is a type specimen that 

created based on one of my 

favorite typefaces. I included the different fonts Futura has, letterforms, special characters and I also included some quotes at the end. I tied it all together with a 90s theme pattern because I felt like it really made the geometric shapes pop!

My research mainly consisted of me looking

at Futura and the existing type specimen that Futura already has. Some of the information that was important for me to research was what do type specimens normally include. I also researched the background and history behind Futura and how it had been used throughout history.


My main inspiration for my pattern, of course, came from the classic 90s geometric patterns. I also looked at arcade rugs for inspiration. This was also the inspiration for the colors I used, I wanted bright, eye-catching colors normally seen in these patterns. Another inspiration of mine were design patterns by El Lissitzky and how they were able to convey a message with only shapes.

My process consisted of me creating

a dummy of how I wanted my type specimen to look. I went page by page and assembled it by trying different binding methods. I also started to sketch out what jumped out to me as the 90s themed. That is how I instantly thought of the geometric patterns that work well with Futura since it is a geometric typeface.