Printing Techniques Flash Cards

Card Design 

This project is based on the different printing techniques that a designer might utilize during their career. I designed this information in flashcards because of the organization of information that flashcards usually have. The purpose of these cards is to provide anyone with information on what printing method is ideal for commercial printing. Each card includes an illustration and a description of what each technique is commonly used for or how it is applied. 


During my research, I looked at different flashcards and even playing cards. My main objective of this research was for me to see how information is commonly organized in these cards. I also realized that cards have a unified look throughout every card, it is like a visual identity to a certain extend. An example of this is Bicycle playing cards and how they treat every card similarly with the same elements.  


One of my biggest inspirations for these cards was the fact that commercial printing presses reminded me of mechanical engineering.

I made the relationship between these two things because of the rollers and the gears often used in both printing presses and mechanical engineering. I also choose cool colors to help enhance the idea behind the machinery that both the printing press and mechanical engineering use.

Throughout my process, I experimented with different typefaces and realized that a san serif typeface worked better if I wanted to give my cards a machine kind of feel. I also debated if my cards should have rounded edges or straight edges. While I believe that

a straight edge would have suited the machine aesthetic better, I decided to make them round so they would look more like

playing cards.

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Printing Techniques Flash Cards
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