Lifestyle Magazine

Magazine Design   

The Lifestyle article project was based on similar articles found in the skating

magazine, Thresher. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been interested in skating culture and lifestyle. This article is about the lifestyle that is of a shaker and what they are about. In a sense, it’s the life of a skater and everything they stand for.

While researching this project, I mainly looked at how other skating magazines did their folio information. More specifically

I looked at Thrasher, I even went out to buy

a magazine to see a print comparison of the style I wanted to get. I also looked at the skating culture in general and what kind of things often pertain to the style I wanted to achieve in my design. 


My main inspiration for this project was the love that I have for skating culture. It often came from the sticker designs, t-shirt designs, and deck designs that are part of this skating culture.  Having friends that skate also gave me the inspiration to do this project because then I could use my photography and base it on them.

My process mainly included looking at skating magazines and taking photos of my friends skating. I was trying to get the look that most skating magazines have. Another part of my process included looking at what standout in the skating culture world.