Jorge Aguiniga 

From Stockton, CA


Growing up in Stockton made it easy for me to fall into stereotypes. I was low income, I came from a Hispanic background and I was a first-generation college student.  Regardless, I was able to attend the University of the Pacific and obtained my BFA in graphic design. I also attended San Joaquin Delta College and received my Associates's degrees in graphic arts and in art. Because of these stereotypes, it has pushed me to succeed in my education and it has shaped who I am today. 


In the future, I want to continue to grad school to obtain my MFA in the hopes that I can teach art and design. During my spare time, I like to explore stories no matter if they are in books, films, music, or art.  I also like to travel and explore the outdoors whenever I can. That is one of my favorite things to do when I feel overwhelmed with my work. I don’t have any pets and I’ve never had one in my life. I hope in the future to get a dog. 

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